... to 7000+ beautiful acres.

For your private use,

with those you wish, doing what you like.

Be our guest and enjoy.

- Short Pines Ranch


Our land and facilities are maintained and provided for use and enjoyment. We welcome hunters, explorers, retreats, and more.

The least we can say is: Short Pines is beautiful, massive, and available to you, so check it out.


Spring 2009 Turkey Hunting
Updated Info

We've update our Spring Turkey hunt information.
(Click here to see) (March 2009)

Fall 2008 Hunting Photos
Photo Feature

This Fall like many, hunters had a good time hunting this place. Some were kind enough to share their photos for all to see.
Check them out.
(Click here to see) (Dec 2008)

Hill-Top 360-degree Panorama
New, Featured Photo

High, Hill-Top Scenes? We have many.
Right now, the best we can do is give you a view..
..of our 360-degree panoramic image.
(Click here for more) (March 2007)

Watering-Hole Panorama
New, Featured Photo

Many photos were taken in the fall of 2006 which are starting to make their way onto this web site.
Take a look at our first panoramic photo; being one of many watering holes on Short Pines Ranch.
(Click here for more) (Nov 2006)

Close Encounter of the Fawn-Kind
Photo-hunter almost tripped over a deer! ..sort of.

During a recent photo-hunt, our photographer was taking shots of some fearless wild turkeys and found himself standing right next to a fawn....
See the photos and this site's first video.
(Click here for more) (Oct 2006)

Get Your License in About 2 Days.
Antelope Bow Hunting Fall Season Licenses are available and being approved daily.

The season goes Aug 19th - Sept 29th, and Oct 16 - Oct 31st. You can apply now and throughout the season.
To help out, we've sifted and condensed vital application information. (Click here for more) (Sept 2006)

The Most Successful SD Antelope Hunting Area

The SD harvest report says so. Check out our information on Archery Antelope hunting.

(Click here for more) (April 2006)

Newly Opened To The Public

The new owner of Short Pines Ranch has opened this private land to hunters. Be one of the fortunate few to hunt on Mount Harding!

(Click here for more) (Feb 2006)

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..in the Lodge, camper, campsite, or bunkhouse.


..outside, completely surrounded by a ridge of pine trees climbing a mountainous incline 30 stories high faced by 5 acres of enclosed prairie.


..hiking, biking, riding, driving, venturing through over 7000 acres with private roadways, paths and openings.


..tracking, enjoying the wild. Antelope, deer, grouse, turkey, and varmint are about.


..city roads to local landmark destinations: the Black Hills, Deadwood, Buffalo, Sturgis, Spearfish, Belle Fourche..

Days of exploring, hunting, fishing, and relaxing are to be had.

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